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Welcome to Bold Art Jungle

Why call the web site"Bold Art Jungle"?

Bold= To take pride in your work and don't be something you are not!
Art= It is like oxygen, it is a noun, a verb, an adjective; it's everywhere.
Jungle= Any place, filled with life always growing never sleeping.

Using my initials, B.A.J.: I choose three words to best describe both this web site and myself. I had some ideas but they were either taken or would not make sense to most folks. It is like asking a mechanic if there is any san serif on the spark plugs he's replacing in you car. The other thing is, There are not very many words that start with "J". Lastly, I choose to use my initials (to give myself the extra challenge).. because it is symbolic of my Logo, A Black Cat. You can find them everywhere, crossing your path, taking a nap on my couch, on the highway, if you are luck enough, you even may drive a Jaguar.. and the Jungle.
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Please visit www.ahseik.com, Ahseik-Tees sends the message
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For questions or comments on the Web Design of Ahseik's website please contact us at Bold Art Jungle.


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